We are a family owned & operated popcorn company based in Kelowna, BC. We manufacture premium quality popcorn in a variety of flavours.

Queen B started popping the Splendid Snack in 2002 at the local farmers’ market, festivals and events around Kelowna. If you are wondering, the “B” is from the first queen: Bobby. She fell in love with Kettle Korn after a visit to La Connor, Washington and started Queen B Kettle Korn.

Over the years, other popcorn flavours have been added to the initial Kettle Korn and in 2006 Queen B’s popcorn arrived in convenience fruit stands and grocery, produce and farm markets along the Okanagan Valley.

Queen B Today

In 2017 Bobby relinquished the throne to us, the Faccini family. We moved to Kelowna in 2001, started a family and settled in this beautiful valley. We are engineers with an entrepreneurial spirit, a taste for good snacks, and over 10 years of experience in food manufacturing on several sectors and two countries.

As the new Queen B, my mission is to continue making premium quality popcorn with the same great taste while expanding the realms of the kingdom!

Johanna Faccini

Our products are available in many locations throughout Western Canada. The popcorn is packaged in resealable bags to maintain quality and freshness. The resealable bag allows you to take your popcorn anywhere and enjoy it anytime. Truly Goodness that Pops! ™

TRULY GOODNESS THATPops ™!Pops ™!Pops ™!Pops ™!